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Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Abortion is Murder," A 16-Year-Old Delivers Powerful Pro-Life Speech to Scranton High School Students and Faculty

This absolutely AMAZING speech was delivered by a beautiful, bright, and passionately Pro-Life Teenager named Sara (last name withheld for privacy purposes). I met her and her wonderful mom, Kathy, at church this past year. She has given me permission to share her speech on this blog. Upon reading this, my hope is that you, too, will be filled with the same zeal to unabashedly speak out to protect the life of the pre-born child.
God Bless You! (and Thank You, Sara, for sharing this beautifully written message of hope. You are an inspiration!)

Sara B.
Speech and Drama I

At this very moment, as I am speaking right now, somewhere in the world, a baby is born. This baby has a beating heart, its own blood type and its own DNA. At that moment of birth, the newly born child is protected under the law. If the mother neglects it, she will be put under arrest. If she, or the father, or anyone for that matter harms it physically, they will be arrested. Why now? The baby's heart started beating eighteen days after conception, and it had its own DNA the minute of conception. So why isn't the baby protected under the law at that exact minute of formation? Why does the mother have a "choice" to kill her baby before it's born, if she will get arrested for killing it after?

Many people say "it's not alive" or, "it's not human." This has scientifically been proven false. It is made of cells. It obtains and uses energy. It grows and develops, and it responds and adapts to its environment. Fetuses have all the characteristics of living things, therefore they are alive. And yes, they are human. From the time of fertilization fetuses have their own DNA- their own 46 chromosomes; 23 from the mother and 23 from the father. Only humans have DNA with 46 chromosomes. That fact can not be argued. If your mother came home today, and decided to end your life, that would be murder, which is a federal crime. If the fetus is a living human being, abortion is murder.

"We have the right to privacy." "The Supreme Court made it legal." Those are two other arguments that are very popular among abortion supporters. We may have the right to privacy of what goes on in our personal lives, but with a limit. If a child is abused, or a woman is raped, in the privacy of their own home, that is still illegal, not to mention abortions take place in clinics and hospitals. And just because the Supreme Court made it legal does not mean it is ok. Hundreds of years ago the Supreme Court decided that African Americans were not human, therefore slavery was ok. Today, looking back on that decision of the Supreme Court, do you agree with them? I know I don't.

Some people ask, "But what about in cases of rape and incest?" There are many answers to that question. The first is another question. If a woman became pregnant due to rape or incest and decided to keep the baby, but after it was born decided she didn't want it any more and killed it, wouldn't that be illegal? Various people, even knowing this fact, still think abortion should be legal, but only in these cases. If this were true, many women would lie and say their child was conceived through one of these horrible acts. Incest can not be proven until late in the pregnancy and most abortions are done within the first three months. Rape can not always be proved either. While many acts of rape are very violent, many are not violent enough for there to be physical proof. Norma McCorvey, also known as Jane Roe from Roe vs. Wade, herself claimed she was raped, which is why she needed an abortion. Many months later she then revealed that the baby was conceived though an act of love by a man she thought she was in love with. If Jane Roe herself had lied about being raped, imagine the number of women that will lie if that is the only way they could legally terminate their pregnancy.

One percent of babies aborted are conceived through rape or incest, and another one percent are aborted because they have defects. Just because a child has a defect, or has a father who did a horrible thing, does not mean it deserves to be murdered. And what about the other 98 percent who have nothing wrong with them and were conceived through the own fault of the parents? There are so many people willing to adopt- so many men and women who can't have children of their own, and if the mother really will not be able to care for the child, then she should put it up for adoption, not kill it. The statement that it would be to embarrassing to carry a child full term if you were raped or if you are underage yes does make sense. It might be embarrassing, but think of all the children who throw temper tantrums in public when they don't get their way. If parents were aloud to kill their children just because they embarrassed them, well, that doesn't make much sense does it?

Some people say that if abortion is made illegal, women will resort to "back alley abortions." That's basically like saying, "Well, people will share needles, which could transmit deadly diseases, so lets make heroin legal so people can use their own needle." Doesn't make much sense does it, seeing that that wouldn't solve the problem of heroin abuse, that unfortunately many people have to deal with. Even abortions done in hospitals or abortion clinics are still very dangerous to the mother. Most abortive mothers suffer from severe mental and emotional problems. The number of suicides is six times greater for post-abortive mothers, then those who have given birth. They can also be physically harmed during and after the procedure. For example, one type, the saline solution injection that burns the babies skin can escape the womb and go into other parts of the woman's body. If the salt gets to the kidneys they will go into failure, which will most likely cause the death of the mother. Most types of abortions, especially ones done after the first trimester have consequences. Some may not be dire, such as continuous pain or nausea, and some may not appear right after the abortion. One instance of a consequence appearing after the abortion is linked with breast cancer. Studies show having an abortion can greatly increase a woman's chances of getting breast cancer, a deadly and horrible disease.

Since January 22, 1973 fifty million babies have been brutally murdered by doctors through abortion. That's approximately 1.3 million a year, and over 3000 a day. In comparison, that's about the combination of Scranton High and West Scranton High students being killed every day. Every year in the United States 4,000 people die from drowning, 6,000 from poisonings, 40,000 from car accidents, and 30,000 from suicides. That's 80,000 people. Multiply that by about thirteen, and you get the number of abortions preformed every year in our country alone. More babies are aborted in one year in the United States then all of the American casualties from every war our country has participated in combined. Abortion is murder.

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