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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Respect For Life is one of 4 defining Principles of Conservatism says 14-Year-Old Political Prodigy Jonathon Krohn in his book "Defining Conservatism"

Meet Jonathan Krohn. This home-schooled 14-year old is an author and an actor. His book, Define Conservatism, is receiving rave reviews, as well as his television appearances and his recent two minutes on stage at CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Jonathan Krohn is making political news, and as Conservatives laud him, Liberals are on the attack. Attacking a 14-year old, rudely and crudely, - hey, no problem for a Lib. Jonathan talks and writes about the principles of Conservatism, and it is no surprise that Liberals openly express their disdain of this young man for respecting the Constitution, human life and believing in personal responsibility.

Child stars have been protected and hailed by Liberal Hollywood. So what if a very young Brook Shield was nude in Pretty Baby? So what if Dakota Fanning’s portrayal of a graphically, brutally raped 12 year old victim of child abuse, drowsily dreaming of real snakes slithering all over her? So what if the young boy in Slumdog Millionaire ran naked across the screen, in full view not only of audiences, but of the film crew up-close-and-personal? These are the artistic expressions of talented young actors, but let us make fun of Jonathan Krohn, an intelligent, well-spoken 13-year old who thinks and writes about conservative principles that can apply to anyone, no matter a party preference.

The blog, Wonkette, says in about five years, we can call Jonathan a “twat,” (not a twit, mind you). Another says that “Jonathan Krohn is gonna get his ass kicked when he gets old enough.” Needlenose says that Krohn “is nothing less than Damien, The Son of Satan.” I will not link to them, but a google search will confirm these mean-spirited statements.

Jonathan appeared at the CPAC convention and wowed the audience during his two-minute speech. You can view the video below. His book, Define Conservatism, he explains, focuses on the principles of Conservatism, not Conservatism as policy. After interviews with politicians, and his own research, Jonathan determined that there are four elements to real conservatism. Read them below, and ask yourself why anyone would suggest that the Conservative principles laid out by this young man would call for labeling him a “twat” or a son of satan.

Jonathan Krohn Biography
Jonathan is 14-years old and he is being called a “child political prodigy.” He lives in Duluth, GA with his parents, Doug and Marla Krohn, and his dog Spot. His father is an engineer and his mother is a drama teacher. According to his website, neither parent is particularly interested in politics.

He is home-schooled, and until the release of his book, Define Conservatism for Past, Present and Future Generations, he has been known for his considerable acting skills.

Johnathan has appeared on Broadway as Michael Banks in Mary Poppins. It is reported he had three on-stage call-backs. That’s a very big deal on Broadway. Other credits: John Darling in Peter Pan, and Scott in Dear Edwina, Young Cain in Children of Eden, Colin Cravin in the Secret Garden, as well as parts in The Wizard of Oz, Tom Sawyer, The Jungle Book, and Alice in Wonderland.

Krohn is one-busy 14-year old. He is the principal writer for an internet radio show, “The Life Connection.” He was a guest narrator for Gwinnett Philharmonic’s rendition of Benjamin Britten’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra. This young man has played the cello since he 4-years old and has recently begun playing the banjo.

Jonathan says he became interested in politics at age 8 when he heard Bill Bennett on the radio. This was at the time Democrats in Congress were “consistently” filibustering Miguel Estrada’s judicial nomination. Krohn says he was “fascinated by the filibusters” and “why anyone would want to do such a thing.”

His book is not geared toward any age group. At just under 100 pages, it is simple and quick reading. Krohn’s definition of Conservative principles is not solely his definition, but the culmination of the principles he pulled from research and from leading Conservative Georgia politicians. The principles are, in Jonathan’s words:

"respect for the U.S. Constitution, respect for life, less government and personal responsibility"

Shucking it down to the cob, I noticed that almost every conservative without an exception pretty much said that those four basic principles were important and key to being a conservative

You can read more by Jonathon at his blog.

By Maggie M. Thorton, Rightpundits.com

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