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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Obama "Parades" Responsibility of Fatherhood, Life Begins at Conception While Riding the Abortion Float

Cartoon by: Crystal-Thanks Crys!
By Georgia Kijesky
The ultimate deceiver is at it again.

Today, Parade Magazine printed an article written by President Obama: "We Need Father's to Step Up."

In the article, Obama states, "What makes you a man is not the ability to have a child, but the courage to raise one." For the past three Father's Days, Obama has criticized the absence of fathers by stating, "responsibility does not end at conception."

I have two questions: What is a man responsible for at the beginning of conception? And, what does Obama mean when he says, "responsibility?"

I'm confused. If I recall correctly, didn't Obama say that determining the beginning of human life was "above my paygrade?" You have to click on this link and see the stark difference between Obama's answer & Senator McCain's answer.

During his campaign, Obama said that if one of his daughter's got pregnant,
'I wouldn't want them punished with a baby.'
How does equating a baby to a punishment encourage young men to act responsibly and "step-up" when faced with an unplanned pregnancy?

In the article, Obama reflects on the damage done to him by his own father who abandoned him when he was young.
For Obama, abandoning your child is worse than aborting him.
Better to snuff out the kid than to disappoint him later.

That is the twisted logic of our President.

On Father's Day, Obama, along with millions of other dads, proudly enjoy receiving hugs from their children and cards that read: "Happy Father's Day Daddy! You are the World's Greatest Dad."

Sadly, millions of childless fathers painfully spend the day wondering what kind of father they could have been, heartbroken over the loss of a son or daughter to abortion.

This brutal procedure receives the full support of President Obama--"Do NOT even give a baby born alive from a botched abortion medical attention"--he voted.

And he has the audacity to talk about his father?

He ends the article announcing his "recommittment to build a foundation for our children's dreams."

Recommittment? Huh? When was he ever committed to that cause?

Having been in office only a few short months, Obama has been committed to destroying the foundation of the right to life built by the founders of our beloved country.

With 4,000 abortions being performed per day, and 3.5 more years of Obama as President, it is a tragedy that 5.5 million babies, at the least, will never live long enough to dream a dream, or to even say, "Happy Father's Day Daddy."

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