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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rhetoric Trumps Record for Vatican Newspaper Editor-in-Chief who says: Obama is not "Pro-Abortion," He is just "Pro-Choice"

By Georgia Kijesky
Last month the Editor-in-chief of the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano explained to Paulo Rodari, a Vatican analyst for the daily “Il Riformista,” that President Barack Obama’s speech to graduates of Notre Dame was very respectful and that he
is not a pro-abortion president.”
In the interview with Rodari, Editor-in-chief Gian Maria Vian discussed his thoughts on President Obama at the University of Notre Dame. “Obama has not upset the world,” he said. “His speech at Notre Dame has been respectful toward every position. He tried to engage the debate stepping out from every ideological position and outside every ‘confrontational mentality.’ To this extent his speech is to be appreciated.”

Today(June 18), Life Site News reported:
"According to the editor-in-chief of the Vatican’s quasi-official newspaper, US President Barack Obama in his pre-presidential voting record may have “made decisions that certainly cannot be defined as pro-life,” but this does not make him “pro-abortion.”

“He was, rather, pro-choice,” said L’Osservatore Romano’s Gian Maria Vian.
(Read: The History of L'Osservatore Romano HERE)

Read the rest of the Life Site News article HERE

The obvious enthusiasm L'Osservatore Romano exudes for Obama is shameful--as it repeatedly glosses over his anti-Catholic, anti-Christian & radically anti-life agenda.

In 1990, Obama argued in an unsigned law review article that
“the state may…have a more compelling interest in ensuring that fetuses carried to term do not suffer from debilitating injuries than it does in ensuring that any particular fetus is born.”
-1997-2002Obama manages to be more Pro-Abortion than NARAL when he voted twice AGAINST giving a baby born alive from a botched abortion medical attention; in addition, he gave a neutral "present" vote in 1997 which means neither "yes" nor "no." Three votes in total...none of which included a "yes" to helping a baby born alive from a botched abortion.
***IF THIS RECORD ALONE DOES NOT SATISFY A "PRO-ABORTION" QUALIFICATION for Vian....than NOBODY is pro-abortion!! He is even more Pro-Abortion than NARAL who stated, "Consistent with our position last year, NARAL does not oppose passage of the Born Alive Infants Protection Act."***
, Obama votes against the confirmation of Chief Justice John Roberts on political grounds while acknowledging that Roberts is highly qualified. And also voted against the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.
2005-2007 Obama received a 100% pro-abortion rating from NARAL and Planned Parenthood
In 2008, Obama co-sponsored the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) which would gut all national and state restrictions on abortion. Obama has promised that the first thing he will do in office is sign FOCA, despite the fact that it is one of the most sweeping pieces of pro-abortion legislation ever proposed.
While running for President, ObamaPROMISED to sign the Freedom of Choice Act if elected president, "The first thing I will do as President is sign the Freedom of Choice Act. I will not yield & Planned Parenthood will not yield",
Also during his campaign, in a forum at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church, Obama said
that the issue of when a child gets human rights is “above his pay grade” despite the fact that he is a lawyer and the issue of human rights is most immediately a legal question.
2008, Obama selects Ellen Moran, the former head of the radical pro-abortion political group Emily’s List to be director of White House Communications and appoints Melody Barnes, board member of the radical abortion lobby group Emily’s List, as head of the Domestic Policy Council.
2008, Obama’s transition team published a pro-abortion “wish list” assembled by dozens of pro-abortion groups. The document outlines a radical abortion agenda for Obama’s first 100 days that would include taxpayer-funded abortions and compelling pro-life doctors to assist in abortions.

-Appointed 100% pro-abort Rahm Emmanuel as his Chief-of-Staff, who also earned a 100% abortion voting record from NARAL
-Reversed the Mexico City Policy
-Issues executive order on funding embryonic stem-cell research
-Rescinded the global gag rule
-President Obama signed legislation into law fixing the birth-control price crisis at college health centers and safety-net provider clinics across the country. (As a senator, Obama authored this legislation.) (March 11)
-Funded the UNFPA--which supports forced abortions in China
-has taken 1st steps to overturn Bush administration protections for doctors who don't want to do abortions. Obama announced his intention to repeal the Federal Refusal Rule.(February 27)
-Signed legislation increasing family-planning funding for American women by $7 million, and cutting "abstinence-only" programs by $14 million. (March 11)
-Signaled his commitment to medically accurate sex education by including it in his first-ever budget outline. (February 26)
-Obama selects Ellen Moran, the former head of the radical pro-abortion political group Emily’s List to be director of White House Communications.
-Nominated pro-abortion Catholic Kathleen Sebelius to head the Department of Health and Human Services, who has a long pro-abortion record in the state of Kansas.
-Nominated former NARAL legal director & FOCA architect Dawn Johnson who said, "Pro-life laws 'reduce pregnant women to no more than fetal containers'to head the Office of Legal Counsel
-Obama nominated Indiana district court judge David Hamilton as his first federal appellate court nominee. Judge Hamilton is a board member of Indiana ACLU, and the author of a seven-year-long series of rulings obstructing Indiana’s implementation of its law providing for informed consent on abortion.
-Obama appointed Thomas Perrelli, the lawyer who argued that Terri Schiavo’s husband had the right to end his wife’s life, to serve as Associate Attorney General, the Justice Department’s third highest position.

Undoubtedly, for Vian, Obama's flowery rhetoric trumps his radical pro-abortion record.

In an article published by National Review, George Weigel, famous for his biography of Pope John Paul II, commented: “It is unfortunate that several recent pieces on the Obama administration in L’Osservatore Romano have been both factually questionable and analytically dubious.” Weigel explained that “the offices of the Holy See are replete with middle- and lower-level officials who are enamored of Barack Obama. Why? In most cases, because they are Europeans who share the typical European Obamaphilia and whose sources of information and analysis are manifestly skewed.”

Weigel concluded: “That is a problem for the senior officials of the Holy See to address, and they ought to address it soon.”

To contact the Vatican Secretary of State with concerns:
Tarcisio Cardinal Bertone,
Palazzo Apostolico Vaticano,
Citta del Vaticano

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