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Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Just as Nixon had Watergate, Obama Now has Carbongate," says Rep. Barton (R-TX)

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a 1,300-page climate change bill, (with a 300-page amendment added by Waxman the night before),H.R. 2454 known as the "American Clean Energy and Security Act" sponsored by Reps. Henry Waxman, D-Calif. and Edward J. Markey, D-Mass., by a narrow 219-212 vote on June 26.

So what,exactly, is in this bill? Surely one of its two authors, Henry Waxman, can tell us, right?

Henry Waxman: "Are you asking me????"

Ok, then if Waxman doesn't know what is in the bill he co-authored, then the 219 members of Congress who voted ‘YEA’ must have read through every detail of it… All 1,300 pages of it? Guess again.

On June 29, Obama's Assistant for Energy and Climate Change, Carol Browner, the ‘coordinator for environmental, energy, climate, transport and related matters for the federal government’ appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss the cap-and-tax bill passed by the House last week on a razor-thin margin. Carol Browner got stumped by Fox’s Steve Doocy who questioned her ability to speak on the subject, repeatedly asking her if she "has read the 1,000 page document." Doocey's interrogation prompted her to declare him “unfair.” How could it be "unfair" to expect politicians to read bills before voting on them?
You be the judge — should Doocy have wondered whether Browner had bothered to read the bill she was promoting on national TV, or is that “unfair”?

And where oh where was the mainstream media on the EPA cover-up? Prospects for that piece of environmental legislation might have been hurt had reporters pointed out the scientific censorship taking place in the Obama administration, like they did during a similiar controversy under the Bush administration.
Alan Carlin, a veteran of the Environmental Protection Agency strongly questioned the theory of manmade global warming in a 98-page report that was then silenced by the administration.

For the record, this Cap & Trade bill (aka: Global Warming tax) is a massive tax increase that will, inevitably result in a reduced standard of living for the poorest of the poor in America. It is not merely a tax on a particular product, but rather, it is a tax on everything people do. It will increase the price of food, transport, fuel and manufacturing, resulting in a loss of 2.5 million jobs and costing nearly $2 Trillion dollars!

Now that this bill is being fought in the Senate, what will they choose?
"Liberty or Tyranny?"

Watch this final video that then President-elect Obama gave in his Dec. 20, 2008 weekly adddress...proving, yet again,that campaign Obama and President Obama are two totally different people that have found & share the same 'common ground':
Lying to the American people to advance their agenda. Although, to his credit, he did speak the truth when he said: “Under My Plan of a Cap and Trade System Electricity Rates Would Necessarily Skyrocket” -- I guess we're all entitled to an off day.

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