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Monday, July 20, 2009

Liberal Smear Tactic Against Liveaction.org's Lila Rose: Labels her "mean, vindictive and harsh" in her attempt to "take down" Planned Parenthood

Be forwarned folks: what you are about to read is casuistry at its' finest: what really goes on in the mind of a liberal. This could be hazardous to your health. My advice: take a few deep breaths in between sentences. Then, smile and be HAPPY that you are NOT a liberal. And, if you are, take a deep breath and consider having a change of heart, FAST! Moms for Life is a blog by someone who was once an ignorant liberal and is now a happily informed conservative.
Decide for yourself. Watch this video (dated July 13, 2009)
Then, read Julie Driscoll's atrocious article from D.C.'s Examiner.com below:

Liveaction.org’s Lila Rose claims to care about women and girls: Are you kidding me? By Julie Driscoll.

The right-to-lifers were in Chicago this week, standing on Michigan Avenue with their fetus signs and pro-life message. They stood quietly, they didn’t protest, they didn’t harass passersby, they just stood for hours with their signs, silently transmitting their message. Two blocks away there’s a Planned Parenthood clinic, but from what I could see, its patrons came and went unmolested by these protesters.

I disagree with the message, but I respect the right of those men and women who stood on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue to deliver it.

On the other hand, we’ve got young Lila Rose of liveaction.org, who lurks around Planned Parenthood clinic and baits workers into allegedly making statements contrary to law and Planned Parenthood's own policy. I cordially invite Rose to come on out to Chicago, slink into Planned Parenthood clinics with a tape recorder taped to her thigh, and do her little lights, camera, action gig. See, in Illinois – and about a dozen states in all -- state law requires the consent of all parties to a recorded conversation. Take a look at this screen grab of liveaction.org's map – apparently Rose’s dedication to her cause doesn’t extend so far as to risk her own fanny in jail, or risk being sued, or risk any other unpleasant legal matter. The states with red dots indicate locations where Rose has launched her vendetta against Planned Parenthood. Notably absent from her map are any red dots in Illinois. Illinois law allows for both criminal penalties and civil suits in cases of Lila-Rose-like surreptitious taping. I’m guessing we’re safe from her antics here.

She did, however, launch a few in California and a couple in Connecticut, other states where the all-party consent rule is in place. From liveaction.org’s website:

“Los Angeles California 2007
Live Action Investigation"
Lila Rose went undercover into two Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles clinics, posing as a 15-year-old girl impregnated by her 23-year-old boyfriend. Rose was told by clinic staff, ‘Just figure out a birth date that works. And I don’t know anything.’”
Violation: California law required Planned Parenthood to report this clear case of statutory rape to law enforcement, but both clinics investigated failed to do so.
Action Taken: Planned Parenthood admitted no wrongdoing, but threatened to sue Lila.”

Hmm . . . since she apparently didn’t record this conversation, or the ones in Connecticut, I suppose we’re just supposed to take her word that these things actually happened? And how good is the word of a woman who admittedly spends a lot of her time lying – specifically, to Planned Parenthood workers all over the country? Planned Parenthood claims the tapes are edited, but Rose denies it -- I guess, again, we’re supposed to believe Rose’s statements that it’s all true, despite her history of lying for the cause. Liveaction.org claims to post the “full footage” of the videos on its website – uh, sorry guys, but entire segments can be edited out of tapes. I’m not bitin’.

Rose’s Mona Lisa Project cites this mission statement: “We hope that our project will lead to criminal prosecution of Planned Parenthood so that their business practices will be forced to comply with governing laws that protect young girls.” Ah, yes, this is a woman who is all about protecting young girls and women. What Rose doesn’t mention in her pro-life mission is that abortions constitute only about 3% of Planned Parenthood’s services – the other services it offers benefit women, girls and men nationwide, including abstinence counseling, breast/testicular exams, child sexual abuse prevention, date rape education, dating violence, eating disorders, menopause, pregnancy, labor and delivery, safe sex, sexually transmitted infections, and women’s reproductive health. Ninety-seven percent of the services offered are preventive services.

So, let me get this straight: Rose claims to be on a mission to protect girls and women – by targeting an organization that devotes its resources to doing just that. Rose, this paragon of pro-life virtue, is campaigning to eliminate funding to Planned Parenthood clinics – clinics that provide valuable health services to women and girls. According to Planned Parenthood Federation of America spokesperson Diane Quest, “Any removal of public funding would only serve to deny women, men, and young people critical preventive health care.”

Talk about throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Ms. Rose spends a whole lot of time slithering into Planned Parenthood clinics, in the hopes of catching a worker off guard and saying something questionable – all in the name of protecting women and girls. Assuming that a Planned Parenthood worker doesn’t immediately call the authorities upon hearing the confession of a bogus “14-year-old” who was allegedly impregnated by her adult boyfriend, where’s the report of Rose’s follow-up to see if, in fact, Planned Parenthood did report these incidents at a later time? Does she really think she’s providing a valuable service to women and girls in this country by callously attempting to deny them affordable counseling and health services?

I think otherwise. Like any fanatic, Rose doesn’t seem to care much about those she harms, as long as she accomplishes her pro-life mission. She’s apparently latched on to what she considers a wellspring of opportunity – the alleged compromising of young girls -- to attempt to get Planned Parenthood clinics in hot water, and I’d be surprised if she gave one thought to the fate of the young girls she outs.

Rev. Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition said of Lila Rose, “So now with Lila, you bring this young, fresh college student that completely blows any stereotypes away. No one is going to accuse Lila of being mean, vindictive and harsh.”

Except, maybe, me – I’ll say it. Lila Rose is not only mean, vindictive and harsh, she’s also astonishingly careless with the lives of women and girls who depend on the very organization she works to bring down.

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