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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mainstream Media Protects Gay Adoption Activists by Deliberately Suppressing a Key Fact in Horrifying Duke U. Employee Child Molestation Case

Warning: The content of this story is graphic in nature and may be objectionable to some readers.
What you are about to read is pure EVIL.
The alleged rapist is a prominent gay health researcher at Duke University.
The victim is his own adopted, five-year-old son, whom he repeatedly drugged, brutally raped and offered up for sex on the Internet to other molesters. Sadly, you will NOT hear thoroughly truthful coverage about this from the mainstream media, where "identity politics trumps all sense of outrage," says Thomas Lisfon of American Thinker.

"Where’s the media frenzy," Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality angrily inquires. He continues,
"Duke University official Frank Lombard is accused of raping his adopted 5-year-old son and attempting to induce someone to cross state lines to engage in sex with the boy. The same media and Duke professors who were all over the bogus 2006 Duke lacrosse “rape” case are not interested in this horrifying homosexual adoption-rape story.

Folks, the jaundiced liberal media deserves much blame for the deterioration of American culture and the collective erosion of morality. Political correctness and identity politics destroy common sense by shielding favored classes and causes from criticism. Ask yourself: what logical reason is there that Matthew Shepard not Jesse Dirkhising is a household name in this country? (And don’t respond that Shepard was targeted “just because he was gay” because that is not true.)

This creep Frank Lombard and anyone — straight, “gay” or bisexual — convicted of the rape of a young child like this ought to be a candidate for automatic life imprisonment without parole or the death penalty, in my view. Homosexuals may not yet have achieved full “protected class” status in the law, but they sure have achieved it in the media."

The Mainstream Media's vile, low-key news coverage of this heinous crime is missing one very important piece of information: the fact that the alleged perpetrator is a homosexual who lives with another “gay” man.

Among those trying to shine the light on the homosexual aspect of the Lombard case is Mike Adams, a professor of criminology at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington, and writer for Townhall.
"University administrator Lombard is accused of logging on to a chat room online and describing himself as a "perv dad for fun." The detective who wisely looked into the suspicious screen name says that Lombard admitted to molesting his own adopted son. All this was before allegedly inviting a stranger to travel to North Carolina from another state to statutorily rape his already-molested adopted son.

According to a confidential source (CS) a man using the user name “cooper2” or “cooperse” logged onto an internet-based video chat room. CS saw him perform oral sex on an African-American child under the age of ten. He also performed other acts on the child, which are too obscene to be described in this column.

The user name “cooper2” has now been linked to Frank Lombard, the associate director Duke University’s Center for Health Policy. A second source has now alleged that “cooper2” has confessed to being “into incest” and that he has adopted two African American children."

In the chat transcript, WRAL reports, "F.L." is asked how he got access to a child so young. "Adopted," he replied, and said that the process was "not so hard ... esp (sic) for a black boy."

Also in the chat, "F.L." told Palchak that abusing the child was "easier when he was too young to know what was happening and when he couldn't talk ...He had a little too much Benadryl. Was knocked out."

This is absolutely monstrous. My heart aches just thinking about what this little boy (and who knows how many other innocent children he victimized) has gone through.

Both the News video clip and WRAL news column deliberately omitted the "gay" factor, cited in the arrest affidavit. The mainstream media has gone mad when it places the oppressed perpetrater (gay adoption advocate) above the actual crime.

The only good news coming out of this story, says Adams, is about Frank Lombard’s live-in homosexual partner.

"The affidavit in support of Lombard’s arrest warrant shows that he made special arrangements when molesting the child – sometimes even by drugging the child – to make sure his partner did not find out.

Records also indicate that Frank Lombard made a contribution to the Genesis Home in 2003. The Genesis Home is an organization that assists needy families in making a transition out of homelessness, in part by maintaining a child care center. The organization’s website features numerous photographs of African-American children under the age of ten.

I tried to contact Frank Lombard over the weekend to probe his expertise regarding the health benefits of raping small childrenSo far, he’s declined to comment.

The Associate Press (AP) did not mention the fact that the five-year old offered up for molestation was black. Bringing that fact to light might be damaging to the political coalition that exists between blacks and gays. Nor did the AP mention that the adopted child is being raised by a homosexual couple. Bringing that fact to light might harm the gay adoption movement."

Thomas Lifson from American Thinker notes that Stanley B. Chambers of the Raleigh News and Observer, added the following disturbing information:

"Lombard, a licensed clinical social worker with a master's degree in social work, is a health-disparities researcher who studies HIV/AIDS in the rural South."

Joe Kovacs from WorldNetDaily reported the following on July 1:

Frank Lombard, associate director of the Health Inequalities Program at the university’s Center for Health Policy, was arrested last Wednesday in Raleigh, N.C., for attempting to induce someone to cross state lines to engage in sex with his 5-year-old adopted child, who is black.

The arrest affidavit goes into graphic detail of Lombard’s alleged actions, including alleged performance of oral sex with the child in front of a webcam, and sodomizing the boy with his finger and tongue. It also prominently cites the fact that Lombard is a homosexual living with another “gay” man.

In his online profile, Lombard reportedly describes himself as “perv dad for fun.”

But days after the case broke, there have been few, if any, mentions in news stories that Lombard is part of a homosexual couple raising children.

In reports by the Associated Press, CNN,MSNBC,ABC,NBC, and CBS the “gay” factor is never brought up.

A Lexis-Nexis news database search by WND using search terms “Frank Lombard” and “homosexual” or “gay” resulted in just four results, none of which were any major media.

Just today(July 1,2009), Duke’s campus newspaper, the Chronicle, finally mentioned the affidavit where it was stated, “he lived in Durham, North Carolina with his live-in homosexual partner.”

An online comment in reaction to the ABC News story mentioned media hypocrisy with the high-profile case of Duke lacrosse players who were wrongly accused of a rape that never happened:
“The Duke lacrosse case was front page news everywhere, professors were signing statements of protest, another professor threatened to resign in protest when the students were readmitted to Duke when found innocent. Could it be the liberal media and professors are as afraid of the gay lobby as Obama is, since this could harm the gay adoption activists?”

Radio host Rush Limbaugh commented today on the apparent double standard, stating,

“Did you hear there has been an actual rape at Duke University? An actual rape in Durham, North Carolina. It’s not a phony one. Not a false charge. An actual rape. A guy sold his adopted 5-year-old son to a sex practitioner. A 5-year-old kid, yeah. There’s a problem with this, too, because the guy is gay, a gay adoption.

“This is why you haven’t heard about it. This does not fit the template. A false charge of rape at Duke when you had the poor, black, down-on-her-luck dancer and the rich, white, lacrosse players, oh, that fit the template. They were guilty before any evidence. This you haven’t heard about because this doesn’t fit the template here of what we’re trying to accomplish.”

The silence is reminiscent of the 1999 homosexual rape and murder of 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising of Prairie Grove, Ark. Many news agencies across the nation ignored coverage.

Lombard faces ONLY a maximum of 20 years in prison if convicted. His arrest comes about a year after the Court decided that child rapists cannot be executed because “society” has “evolved” to the point where such executions would be “indecent,” notes Mike Adams.

Steve Maddoff got 150 years for stealing people's money, and this nutjob gets a maximum of 20 years for robbing God knows how many children of their innocence! Yes, the economy sure does take precedence in this country. Something we should all be ashamed of.

The 5-year-old and another child in the home were placed in protective custody.
I echo the sentiments rightfully expressed to these amazing journalists by Mr. Peter LaBarbera,President of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, thanking them for taking up the watchdog role to which journalists with integrity once aspired. May God Bless these REAL, GREAT American journalists(including Mr. LaBarbera), and may Frank Lombard and all those in the Mainstream Media ROT IN HELL!



  1. the GAY FACTOR As you describe means nothing in this story, what matters is that this monster goes to prison for a long long time.

    If it was so important to this story why was the "GAY FACTOR" not a news item on the THOUSANDS of catholic priests who have been raping our boys for decades????

  2. The "Gay Factor" is important to people who care! If one is pro-gay marriage,then, mentioning the "Gay Factor" doesn't matter. Obviously, like the liberal mainstream media, you are pro-gay marriage. Therefore, it doesn't matter to you.


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